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About Me

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Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.
— Frank Lloyd Wright


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  • www.inthe.me

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  • www.inthe.me

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  • www.inthe.me

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Software Engineering, B.Sc.

Stanford University, USA
2007 — 2011

You can also add logo of your University just like in Experience section. Probably a short description of your studies goes here. Stanford University is a large, highly residential research university with a majority of enrollments coming from graduate and professional students.

Zend® Training Courses, Certificate

London, UK
3 months, 2012

Zend certification is an internationally-recognized PHP certification established by Zend Technologies. It is intended to prove that a person is fully qualified to develop PHP web applications.

Contact Me

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John’s Hierarchy of skills

jQuery, HTML
JavaScript, Magento, CSS
My top skills. WordPress, good taste for design/UX

Web Design, Photoshop, Wireframing, Prototyping
Linux, OS X, Bash, MySQL, Apache Webserver, Amazon AWS
Some experience. Illustrator, InDesign, Ruby On Rails, Design Patterns, ActionScript 3, SEO

Agile development, Ubuntu, Microsoft IIS, Flash, Django, Usabiliy testing, Facebook API
Microsoft Office, Color theory, UX, HCI, Python, iOS, Android, Mobile application development
Familiarity & hobbies. German, Spanish, Drawing, Copywriting, Filmmaking, Acoustic Guitar, Table Football, Snowboarding

Personal info

Name John Doe
Address Parker's Piece,
Cambridge LN1 DN1, UK
E-Mail contact@inthe.me / contact form
Blog www.inthe.me


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